Who We are:

Leaving the two COVID years behind, our goal during the last years was to continue and enhance our interaction and cooperation with Universities, Schools, and the German Consulate. As we increasingly experience a significant shift in membership structures and the loss of the original ‘old league’, there was and there will be more action needed to keep the German Canadian Business
Association alive, well and growing.

In order to achieve that, we need to be able to identify and recruit more Vancouver and BC-based German businesses as well as individuals who are potentially willing to commit to a Membership. We also need to convince new potential members and some of those, who have left us for various reasons that, the value of membership with our President’s & Vice-President’s GCBA Report Association goes way beyond pure business interests and just value for money in return for our membership fees, which are very modest in the first place.

A reasonably strong membership of our Association helps to sustain the relevance of the German community at large within the ever more diverse ethnic, business, and cultural fabric of Vancouver’s and BC’s society.

Also, as the German Canadian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Goethe Institute are not represented for years anymore, and either don’t see the necessity or do not have the resources to reopen a location in Western Canada, our Association remains the only non – government group, promoting German Canadian business, culture, science and membership interests.

I am encouraging not only our Board, but all fellow members to focus intensely on strengthening our community and growing our membership not least for the reasons mentioned.

Even throughout the very challenging Covid years, the Association has proven its worth and has managed to hold very well attended social, educational and business events, virtual and otherwise easily justifying a membership at a very modest expense.

Who is welcome to join?

Our members are Germans, Austrians and Canadians/locals who are selling German brands. All who are interested in supporting German businesses, culture, science are welcome to become a member. You do not need to speak German to join us.

Membership Fees

  1. Student Members 16+ – Free!
  2. Associate Members – $149
  3. Members – $299
  4. Corporate Members – $399 (bring up to 2 people from the same company)

Steps to join:

  1. Complete the 2023 Membership Form
  2. Send this to secretary@germancanadianbusiness.com
  3. Wait to receive an (pro-rated) invoice
  4. Send us your logo, website link and photo to place on our Membership Page
  5. Start attending events

Pro-Rated Fees:

All fee are pro-rated on a monthly basis from January 1st to December 31st of each calendar year. Pay with e-transfer payments to secretary@germancanadianbusiness.com (cut and paste into your e-mail) or send your cheque to our Post Office Box:

P.O. BOX 74644

For bigger parcels, please include the street address: 2768 West Broadway