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Are you ready to join a community dedicated to making a difference? Join us and be a part of a network that empowers, inspires, and connects professionals in our field. Together, we can achieve great things. Join us today!


Who We Are:

Welcome to our business association, where our focus extends far beyond traditional networking.
As a member, you not only have access to valuable business connections but also play a vital role in shaping the future for younger generations across environmental, health, and various other important causes. We seek to make a tangible difference by identifying and championing impactful causes that not only benefit the community but also generate significant public attention.


Why join the German Canadian Business Association?

Professional Designation: Becoming a member of the German Canadian Business Association (GCBA) demonstrates your commitment to staying connected and advancing in the field of German-Canadian business relations.

Networking Opportunities: Joining the GCBA instantly connects you with like-minded professionals locally and globally. You’ll have access to industry thought leaders and potential hiring managers, enhancing your career prospects.

Idea Sharing: The GCBA provides a platform to seek assistance and insights from others who have encountered similar challenges, offering valuable perspectives and best practices.

Career Opportunities: Gain access to exclusive job boards and career advancement opportunities within the GCBA and its network, giving you a competitive edge in your job search.

Leadership/Volunteer Opportunities: Grow your leadership skills by volunteering for various roles within the GCBA, such as serving on the Board of Directors, mentoring others, or organizing events, expanding your influence and network.

Access to Information: Membership grants access to professional journals, publications, industry standards, trends, and legislative updates, helping you stay informed and prepared for changes in the business landscape.

Award Opportunities: Being part of the GCBA allows you to be recognized within the German-Canadian business community, enhancing your professional reputation and credentials.


Who is welcome to join?

Our association welcomes individuals from Germany, Austria, and Canada, as well as local residents, who are engaged in the sale of German brands. We invite all who are interested in supporting German businesses, culture, and science to become members. Fluency in German is not a requirement for joining our diverse community dedicated to fostering German-Canadian business relations.

Join us in making a meaningful impact for the future, while also cultivating valuable business relationships.


Membership Fees (for the current year)

  1. Student Members – Free*!
  2. Associate Members – $149.00
  3. Members – $299.00
  4. Corporate Members – $399.00
    (bring up to 2 people from the same company)

* Join our student membership program at the German Canadian Business Association (GCBA) and enjoy exclusive benefits tailored just for you! As a member, you’ll have access to a range of exciting events, workshops, and activities designed to enhance your student experience. Membership is free, but some events may require a fee to attend. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the experience. Join us today and make the most of your student journey!


Steps to join:

  1. Complete the 2024 Membership Form (fillable on desktop)
  2. Send this to
  3. Wait to receive an invoice
  4. Provide your logo, website link, and photo to place on our Membership Page
  5. Start attending events

Pay with e-transfer payments to (copy and paste into your e-mail) for other payment options please get in touch with us.