The fees for 2023 are due January, 202 or latest by our AGM held March 22, 2023! We hope to see all of you back, and encourage you to bring a friend! If you are a member, we would encourage you to consider joining the Board. If you have experience in the areas of finance, business, leadership or marketing, and have time to commit to meetings and events, we would encourage you to send us a resume. Younger people are also encouraged to apply!

  1. Student Members – Free!
  2. Associate Members – annual fee of $149
  3. Members – annual fee of $299
  4. Corporate Members – annual fee of $399 (bring up to 2 people)

Steps to join:

  1. Complete the 2023 Membership Form
  2. Send this to
  3. Wait to receive an (pro-rated) invoice
  4. Send us your logo, website link and photo, if desired to place on our Membership Page
  5. Start attending events

Pro-Rated Fees:

All fee are pro-rated on a monthly basis from January 1st to December 31st of each calendar year. Pay with e-transfer payments to (cut and paste into your e-mail) or send your cheque to our Post Office Box:

P.O. BOX 74644

For bigger parcels, please include the street address: 2768 West Broadway