GCBA Board 2018 Left to right front: Christian Hofmann, Beatrice Schreiber, Wolfgang Christl; Left to right back: Claudia Liebrecht, Susanne Ziehr, Britt Lampe, Elke Porter, Steffi Schulz; Missing Ekkehard Goetting, Kecia Boecking


Beatrice Schreiber
CEO of organization & presides over meetings

  1. Ekkehard Getting
    Vice-President –
    shall carry out the duties of the President during her absence.
  2. Christian Hofmann
    – shall carry out the duties of the President during her absence.
  3. Britt Lampe
    – shall keep financial records, including books of account, as are necessary to comply with the Society Act
  4. Claudia Liebrecht
    Director; Membership Relations –
    shall work with existing members
  5. Steffi Schulz
    Director, Membership Business Development – shall recruit new members and corporations
  6. Susanne Ziehr
    Social & Events Director
    – shall make arrangements for educational meetings and social events
  7. Kecia Boecking
    Financial Secretary
    – Bookkeeping – have custody of all financial records pertaining to fees and invoices
  8. Elke Porter
    – shall conduct the official correspondence of the Society, issue notices of meetings of the Society, keep minutes of all meetings of the Society and Directors. She shall also be in charge of the website, social media and issuing digital newsletters, as required.
  9. Wolfgang Christl
    Welfare Committee Chair
    – shall look after the well-being of hospitalized or sick Members and their immediate family. Shall also help members celebrate their birthdays and other special occasions.

From time to time, other positions can include:

  1. Nomination Committee
  2. Program Committee
  3. Community Service Committee
  4. Historian

Board Members will be renewed every two years.


Even Years:



-Community Service

Odd Years